Original Habla Zig-Zag Kiln Technology

Superior design, features & environmental outcomes to any other Zig-Zag!

Tackling an Urgent Problem

Measurable environmental, economic, social & health solutions…

Energy/Fuel Efficient, Cost Effective

The authentic, proven HZZK is the most energy-efficient kiln technology yet invented…

Addressing Health, Social & Work Issues

Significantly improves living conditions, health & agricultural outcomes, child labour…

Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lowest CO2 emissions of any kiln on the market with close to 100% fuel combustion…

Radically different to all other Zig-zags

A climate change solution to the highly polluting brick industry in developing nations…

Proven & Tested Technology

Independent energy and environmental monitoring achieved outstanding results…

SOuth African Habla Zig-Zag Kiln

Habla Zig-Zag Kiln Proven Results

The HZZK successfully replaced the high-polluting, energy intensive South African clamp kiln in 2016. Independent Energy Balance and Emissions reports show excellent results.
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Independent Energy Balance and Emissions monitoring of the Habla Kilns produced outstanding results. The Habla Kiln reduced the energy consumption by 82% (compared to the Clamp Kiln), more than halved emissions of CO2 per brick, and reduced particulate matter emissions (PM) by over 90%.

Swisscontact (SC) South Africa
SC Project Manager

Brick kilns are a major contributor to climate change and a significant source of CO2, GHG emissions and short-lived climate pollutants, particularly atmospheric black carbon. HZZK has shown how its energy-efficient, low carbon kilns could change lives and have a real impact in addressing climate change.

WINNER: UNAA Business Climate Action Award
Judges said…

The project is a successful example of a clean technology transfer project from a developed country to a developing country… The HZZK model can be replicated throughout the developing world to curb brick sector-related black carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

FINALIST: Inaugural Climate & Clean Air (CCAC) Award
COP23 Judges said…

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Dhaka’s air quality is among the world’s worst, due to traffic, construction, and industrial pollution. For its 20 million residents, solutions are desperately needed.  Coal-fired brick kilns, dust from roads and construction sites, industrial pollution and smog blown in from neighbouring nations join diesel and gasoline fumes from local vehicles to create a toxic atmospheric stew,

AI could help detect unregulated sources of air pollution in South Asia

A collaboration between the University of Oxford and Lahore University of Management Sciences has combined the power of artificial intelligence with remote satellite imagery to help tackle the problem of unregulated brick kilns across South Asia. These kilns are a major source of air pollution, a key contributor to climate change, and notorious for people trafficking and modern-day slavery.

CSE welcomes MoEFCC’s new notification on brick kilns

It is a welcome step from MoEFCC to reign in uncomplying brick kilns through technology roadmaps or cleaner fuel options, says CSE… The Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) came up with stringent standards for brick kilns after seven years of deliberation via a notification dated February 22, 2022. Brick kilns have been identified […]