Habla Kilns mentioned in the CTNFC Newsletter

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln (HZZK) is an environmentally friendly brick firing technology. With modest capital investment and attractive payback periods, the HZZK can reduce adverse environmental emissions and increase kiln profitability and cash flow through significant reduction in energy consumption.

In 2016, HZZKI transferred Habla Technology to South Africa. The project objective was to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve brick production practices in the South African brick industry. The technology was transferred, constructed and successfully commissioned in less than one year. Independent Energy and Emissions monitoring of the HZZK reflected outstanding results.

The HZZK reduced the fuel (coal) consumption by approximately 80%, when compared to the Clamp Kiln it replaced. This result, more than halved emissions of CO2 per brick and reduced particulate matter emissions (PM) by over 90%.

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln Technology offers developing markets a pathway to a cleaner, economically and environmentally improved future.

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