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Improving Work Conditions & Communities

HZZK Technology brings positive health & workplace change to workers & their community

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln (HZZK) has environmentally clean, safe, and humane work practices with the potential to transform dangerous and polluted workplaces, and the lives of millions of people, many of whom work in hazardous conditions as bonded labourers in modern slavery.

Cleaner Production techniques combined with the completely unique HZZK design and high fuel combustion efficiency of the HZZK eliminate kiln site pollution. Worker health and safety are further improved as occupational health and safety standards which match the internationally approved and accepted standards of developed countries

Workers are protected from all the elements by the roof (rare in other kilns) which also extends the brick-making season and alleviates many of the bottlenecks and hurried dangerous work practices.

The Habla kiln streamlines work processes and provides much easier loading and unloading conditions. Worker’s stack, ‘set’ and unload bricks working safely. There is no repetitive throwing, high stacking and unstacking of bricks from unsteady heights of stacked bricks, unlike in today’s kilns.

The HZZK has universal and immediate application so that all brick entrepreneurs can achieve high-quality brick production and good returns while paying fair wages and eliminating exploitative practices. They can maintain a reliable, ongoing seasonal workforce as part of ethical, socially responsible, and profitable production.

Living conditions, health and agricultural outcomes for the workers and the wider population are significantly improved through HZZK efficiencies and commitment to change.

HZZK Supports The Reform Of The Brick Industry

We support the work of stakeholders working to abolish child and bonded labour at brick kilns and to eradicate the hazardous working conditions of the industry.

Change has occurred, for example in Nepal through the Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) and Better Bricks Nepal. Agreements are negotiated with brick factory owners for minimum standards of pay and working conditions that include an end to child, bonded and forced labour, the provision of toilets and clean drinking water and a requirement to pay at least a minimum wage inhumane working conditions.

For more insights into the lives of Nepalese brick-workers read Global Fairness Initiative Nepal Annual Report 2016–2017.

In 2014 & 2015 the HZZKI team supported a successful Child Development Centre and facilitated a School Linkage Programme, implemented by MinErgy for brick kiln children in Champi Mai Brick kiln Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The project worked closely and successfully with the local school to educate and tutor. At the completion of the brick season children were provided with educational transfer documentation.

Later the Global Fairness Initiative launched the BBN Bridge Schools program across Nepal. Learn More about the Global Brick Initiative…

Kiln workers in coal dust

How HZZK Can Make a Difference

The HZZK is a clean kiln replacement technology and a proven black carbon mitigation strategy. It is a catalyst for change for the millions of largely ‘invisible’, unskilled, and impoverished workers in developing countries.

Many labour in harsh conditions and modern slavery in more than 500,000 antiquated, highly polluting brick kilns.

HZZK, the most fuel-efficient brick kiln ever invented, upgrades working conditions and transforms occupational health and safety, to internationally accepted standards.

Proven and uniquely designed, HZZK technology brings clean air, improved health, and life expectancy for workers. This is because HZZK has almost 100% fuel combustion, minimal emissions and minimal environmental dust, a protective and practical roof (rare in other kilns) and a safe ‘low brick setting’.

The HZZK has a universal application and can be used successfully by all brick entrepreneurs. It is scalable and well suited as a replacement technology for thousands of small and medium owner-operator enterprises (including those in village and rural settings) or large industrial commercial sites with multiple kilns.

HZZK enables ethical, socially responsible brick production and combines this with sustainable and profitable operations. It provides a pathway for clean, safe humane workplace change. High-quality brick production and good returns better allow entrepreneurs an opportunity to maintain a reliable, ongoing seasonal workforce under fair and equitable employment conditions.

HZZK technology, once transferred and implemented will drive the real social change needed to eliminate child, forced and bonded labour.

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