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Improving Work Conditions & Communities

HZZK Technology brings positive health & workplace change to workers & their community

HZZK improves work practices, up-skills the workforce and promotes workplace safety. This enables the brick maker to employ a regular and reliable workforce under improved conditions. Migratory workers can retain seasonal work with greatly improved working conditions.

The high fuel combustion efficiency of the HZZK significantly improves air quality and the health of kiln workers and local communities. Workers no longer inhale toxic pollutants commonly emitted with outdated kilns when billowing plumes of soot are caused by incomplete combustion.

Workers are protected from all the elements by the roof which also extends the brick-making season and alleviates many of the bottlenecks and hurried dangerous work practices.

The kiln streamlines work processes and also provides much easier loading and unloading conditions. The lower brick settings, near ground level, require no elevation which decreases the risk of falls and related workforce injuries.

Living conditions, health and agricultural outcomes for the workers and the wider population are significantly improved through HZZK efficiencies.


HZZK Supports the Reform of the Brick Industry

We support the work of stakeholders working to end the employment of child and bonded labour and to improve the harsh working conditions in the brick industry. In Nepal the Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) and Better Bricks Nepal, negotiate agreements with brick factory owners for minimum standards of pay and working conditions that include an end to child, bonded and forced labour, the provision of toilets and clean drinking water and a requirement to pay at least a minimum wage in humane working conditions. aims to provide incentives to brick factory owners and to improve working conditions in the kilns.

For more insights into the lives of Nepalese brick-workers read “Global Fairness Initiative Nepal Annual Report 2016–2017.

In 2014 & 2015 the HZZKI team supported a successful Child Development Centre and School Linkage Programme for brick kiln children in Champi Mai Brick kiln Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

The project worked closely and successfully with the local school to educate offer and educational transfer documentation for brick kiln children during the brick season. It was implemented by Minergy in conjunction with BBN and adopted in other kiln settings.

The authentic Habla zig-zag technology significantly reduces pollution and improves health and economic outcomes for the brick workers and local communities.

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Kiln workers in coal dust