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"In conclusion, policies targeting Black Carbon emissions offer a viable climate strategy that can be implemented without delay and will deliver immediate climate benefits using technology available today."

Conrad Schneider
Advocacy Director
Clean Air Task Force





Brick Kilns Performance Assessment : A Roadmap for Cleaner Brick Production in India Near-term Climate Protection & Clean Air Benefits Actions : A UNEP Synthesis Report
Building Materials
Pathways to efficiency in the South Asia brickmaking industry
Brick Kiln's Performance Assessment : A Roadmap for Cleaner Brick Production in India
Reducing Black Carbon Emissions in South Asia
Low Cost Opportunities

Executive Summary
Report to Congress on Black Carbon
Asian Brown Clouds
Regional Assessment Report with Focus on Asia
Introducing Energy-efficient Clean Technologies in the Brick Sector in Bangladesh: World Bank
Present Status of Brick Production in Asia : Ellen Baum Clean Air Task Force Mexico
Regional and Global Impacts of Brick Production : Zbigniew Klimont, USA Mexico
World Bank Experiences on Clean Brick Production in South Asia Region

UNEP/WMO Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Topospheric Ozone

Newspaper Articles

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Black Carbon from Brick Kilns
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